Roc de Chere

The Roc de Chere* series is a futuristic story with a military flavour set in the 28th century on Earth. These science-fiction novels artfully combine gripping action with deep, interpersonal interactions to take you on a journey into the realm of a dystopian world that becomes more and more chaotic the longer you look. Borrowing heavily from psychological thrillers, these books will allow you to savour the why and the how as well as the what as you explore this new world through the actions, thoughts and emotions of my characters, sharing their joys, fears and adventures.

In the 28th century there are no countries as we know them now. The action takes place in the Afro-European Alliance, spanning the two continents (Africa and Europe) and the majority of the current-day Middle East. The two other powers, the Asian Coalition of Free Nations and the South American Association, have been keeping to themselves since the end of the Wars… so far.

A travel brochure of the Alliance would talk about the Elite world, listing the riveting wonders: the splendid cities, the carefree lifestyle and the advanced nano-technology and virtual reality that turned a dream of luxury into a seemingly perfect life. It would say nothing of the slums or the brutal and bloody Freedom Wars that brought no freedom. Nor would it mention the millions of Leeches who will never revel in the splendour of the Elite world. Unregistered, mistreated, even used as lab rats, they won’t keep their heads down forever. And they have the power in numbers for an all-out rebellion.

Could the Alliance survive a civil war?

The Military Intelligence Service has one purpose: to protect the Alliance from the enemy, foreign and domestic alike. But who the enemy is isn’t always clear, and the line between a friend and a foe blurs. Colonel Larsen has devoted his adult life to the cause, hoping that one day the System that divides people into Elites and Leeches can be burned to ash. With his team of operatives and the support of civilian experts, he will fight no matter what. Often finding himself above the law, he is used to making the tough decisions, risking everything. But that too comes with a price.

An all-out rebellion would be a massacre. There has to be another way…


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*The title of the series and the name of the underground bunker comes from its location. The bunker has been carved inside a mountain on the eastern bank of Lake Annecy (Lac d’Annecy). In our modern day, the mountain itself is called Roc de Chère. Its small summit reaches 651 metres (2,136 ft) and is located in a French national nature reserve site that carries the same name.

Current-day photo of Lac D’Annecy by Steve Scribner . The thin penninsula cutting into the lake is the location of Chateau de Duingt and the Roc de Chère National Nature Reserve is to its north-east.