1. Rising Tomorrow

As murdered bodies wash ashore in a post-apocalyptic dystopia, a team of 28th century military intelligence operatives must go undercover to investigate a string of twisted organized crimes against the “Leeches” of the lower class. What they find is more despicable than they could have imagined…

Colonel Mathias Larsen and Major Aisha Toscano are rare: skilled Elites who dream of uniting the social classes. Nearly alone in their compassion and often at odds with each other, they must move through their undercover roles in the justice system of the Afro-European Alliance with caution. One wrong word, and their covers are blown. One wrong move, and thousands of so-called Leeches will suffer in the grips of the most loathsome mystery they have ever investigated.

To their dismay, their only hope lies with the quirky, disinterested, highly-born VR expert, Eloise Moretti. While her only desire is to leave heroism to the officials and stay safe behind her computer screen, fate pushes her into the thick of horrors she couldn’t ignore if she tried. She’s the only one who can help Larsen and Toscano save the vulnerable Leeches from a plot to sell their bodies–and their lives–to fulfil the sick, greedy fantasies of seemingly-untouchable criminals.

In a divided world – with virtual reality and advanced nano-technology that nearly doubles the life span – anything is possible.


*This book contains content not suitable for young readers. Reader discretion is advised. And while I don’t quite curse like a sailor, I do like strong language!


Join this gripping science fiction techno-thriller today and set the Leeches free!

(Paperback and Kindle Ebook)


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